Exterior siding installation, siding repair & Pro painter painting

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Exterior siding installation, carpentry and wood siding repair Dallas, TX.

Over the past 80 years Dallas home builders have used many types of exterior siding, decking and sheeting.  There are many different methods and products used for installing exterior siding and not all siding materials and installations are equal.


Carpentry experience

When it comes to replacing exterior siding it is important to use an experienced contractor that knows their building materials and are up to date with local building codes along with city, HOA and historic district requirements.  Dallas Woodwork takes care of removing existing siding without damage to interior walls.  They ensure the right plywood decking, sheeting, flashing and fasteners are used according to manufactures specifications. Dallas Woodwork can also make Repairs and install Exterior Fascia, soffit, cornice, frieze boards flat trim, back band, framing, windows, doors and shutters.


Dallas woodwork takes pride in their craftsmanship on every exterior siding and carpentry job they complete.  Scaffolding and work platforms are erected for overhead carpentry and painting.  Custom wood materials are hand selected for clarity and straightness.  Solid Wood siding is dried and back primed before installation. Wood joints are staggered and all nail heads are set, filled and sanded.  Old building material trash and job scraps are picked up at the end of each day and hauled away when jobs completed

Premium Pro Painter shutter painting

Dallas woodwork painters can handle any type of exterior siding staining or painting.  From custom milled clear heart redwood or western red cedar to a 117 teardrop Lap or 105 Dutch lap and gap siding profiles can be stained or primed and painted.  Premium grade products and techniques are used to produce a professional stain of paint finish.