Exterior Wood Shutters Dallas, Gable and roof ventilators, carpenter & painter hardware installation

Dallas, TX. - Richardson, TX. - Plano, TX.

Exterior Wood Shutters

Exterior wood shutters can be made from several wood species and grades.  Douglas fir and No 1 Yellow pine are the most popular for painting or Western Red cedar and Redwood for staining. There are 3 main styles to choose from.  Fixed Louver shutters, Raised panel shutters and Board and Batten shutters.

Roof, Dormer & Gable ventilators

Wood ventilation vents can be installed for all shapes and sizes. Oval wood vents, Octagon wood vents, Round wood vents, Half round wood vents and Triangular wood vents.

Custom iron hardware

Iron scroll shutter dogs, cast iron mortise shutter hinges,  custom copper and metal C  cap  covers and additional hardware can be installed for any exterior shutter or ventilator  installation.


Carpenter work for exterior shutters

Besides custom building shutters we also have lumber mill resourses for less expensive manufactured shutters that can be custom order and install with masonry fasteners, drill and counter sink screw heads.


Premium pro painter shutter painting

All Exterior paint grade wood shutters are hand sanded and primed with penetrating oil primer front and back.  Shutters are painted with 2 coats of  select premium  soft gloss enamel hand brushed by experienced painter.  You can count on Dallas Woodwork to provide the best exterior wood shutter Dallas, TX. can offer.