Lead safe carpentry and painting

Painting and carpentry renovations according to EPA lead safe guidelines.

Lead paint can effect interior and exterior painting and carpentry work. However its the peeling paint on the exterior of old homes that presents the biggest problems and concerns. EPA guidelines recommend lead safe trade practices for containment and exposure to painters and carpenters when 6 square feet or more of surface preparation is involved on interior work and 20 square feet for exterior work.

For older homes that have been well maintained lead paint exposure is minimal and usually falls below the guidelines for containment and exposure. However Dallas Woodwork painters and carpenters are trained to follow lead safe practices for any lead paint exposure regardless of the minimum guidelines.

Major damage and extreme lead paint peeling.

In some cases the damage from peeling paint can be so extreme that renovating and painting is not safe or economically affordable. When Dallas Woodwork inspects older homes a lead paint test can be provided to check the presence of lead paint.  After the test is completed a full report for lead safe repairs and painting recommendations will be submitted to the home owner.  With this report homeowners can make the best decision in regards to lead safe painting and renovations for their home.


  • Federal law requires that individuals receive lead safty information before renovating six square feet or more of painted surfaces in a room for interior projects or more than twenty square feet of painted surface for exterior projects in housing, child care facilities and schools built before 1978


  • For additional safty information The National Lead Information Center can tell you how to contact your state, local programs or get general information about lead poisoning prevention.
  • Stanley Ray, Dallas Woodwork painting and carpentry estimator & owner has successfully completed Renovators course Per 40 CFR Part 745.225 Lead safe renovation, safety practices for carpenters and painters .

Lead paint renovation and painting services

Dallas Woodwork provides lead safe painting and renovation services.  If you have an older home that you know has lead paint or if your concerned and not sure if your home has lead paint give Dallas Woodwork a call.  They will look over and inspect your home for signs of lead paint and test any peeling paint that may need to be scrapped, sanded, removed and painted.  Regardless of what the test results may indicate Dallas Woodwork will provide the best service possible to keep your home safe from lead exposure.