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Dallas Woodwork:

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Dallas, TX.

Owner, Stanley F. Ray

  Stanley F. Ray Inc. Dba



dallas-woodwork-signature logo-01On the company logo the Dallas Woodwork name has been built under the Dallas skyline to represents the history of our family owned business and the legacy of fine craftsmanship that has been preserved in the architecture of the Dallas homes we have worked on.

In the early 1950’s Stanley’s father, James F. Ray began general contracting as a working carpenter doing the work he loved along with a good group of professional carpenters and trade professionals.  Today Dallas Woodwork is continuing a wood working legacy of fine home craftsmanship with a new generation of professional carpenters, painters and skilled tradesmen.

When it comes to preserving the heritage of old homes, wood window and antique doors or just building, remodeling and painting with new sustainable “Green Building” materials Dallas woodwork will take the time to provide the finest craftsmanship possible on every job.

If you have an Interior or Exterior carpentry & painting project and would like to get an estimate for carpentry repairs and painting.  Please call us at (214)327-4221.  We would love to hear from you.